VARYING HUNGER- हर भूख अलग सा

Died inside long ago
Only body survives now,
Many predators fed on me
Leaving me in well to die;
The hunger keeps me alive
To face the world again,
My body is their prey
As I sell it everyday.

But one day he comes
He who seems different,
His eyes see my eyes
As he touches me deep;
He don't booze at all
But made me feel like that,
In his innocent voice
I faint like anything.

यह भूख भी कैसी भूख है 
जो हर दम बदलती है , 
 इस छोटे से जहाँ  में 
हर रोज़ यह बढ़ती है ; 
अपनी भूख की तलाश में 
मैं हर रोज़ भटकती हूँ , 
खाने की तलाश मैं खाना बन 
रोज़ कई भुक मिटाती हूँ I