Holding momma's hand
Accompanying my dad,
I walk little and slowly
Move happily and coyly;
Big, Big and Big
The world is so big,
Small, Small and Small
I look so small.

Large are the buildings
Tall and frightening,
Countless are the kids
Of different creed;
Love the atmosphere
Everyone out there,
Everything is awesome
With all smiles, no glum.

Suddenly a bursting noise
Laugh changes to dead voice,
Uncle and Aunties running hard
Crying and shouting loud;
Some of them fall
Some of them crawl,
But one by one
Harmed by someone.

Then I see a man
Firing bullets like insane,
Plan to give chocolates
Yummy it tastes;
He takes and throws them
With me too he does the same,
The bullet hits somewhere deep
As I go to an early sleep.

Dedicated to every single innocent person who are getting killed by their own species. May their soul RIP.