Mom, Dad and relatives
My world consists of this,
Then I entered new place
Saw and met new people;
Many became good friends
But you got the best tag,
May be I seem too rude
Friend I never forgot you.

You made me smile
You made me look silly,
But I was in all trouble
You were always by my side,
Many laughed at our bond
Some even tried to break,
May be I wasn't that good
Friend I never forgot you.

Then the time came
You went too far,
Seemed as something was lost
Something much precious;
I never understood it
Till the gap started haunting,
May be my act wasn't cool
Friend I never forgot you.

I got married now
Entered a new life,
Job to home, home to job
Became my routine;
My priorities changed
But I am still the same,
May be I forgot myself too
Friend I never forgot you.

Dedicated to my best friend.