Right here in my body
My heart beats hard for you,
It's just like traffic signal
Waiting for your signal;
My mind shows red signal
Stopping it to go further,
People give yellow signal
To approach with caution.

Confusion and tension grows
As more people lines with me,
All are occupying zebra line
With me standing behind;
Looking for your signal
Everyone seems confident,
With time passing by
My hope takes a churn.

Here comes a signal
As everyone's out to run,
No one moves even an inch
As they seem stuck on line;
My heart meets your
As they both unite,
Everyone seems surprise
With them surprise I am.

You look at me and smile again
Says it's the line that matters,
The line stands for respect
Here respect is my respect;
There were lots of man out there
Many were rich, Many were handsome,
But I chose you from them
For you don't love me, you adore me.