From A for Apple
To Z for Zebra,
From Humpty Dumpty
To Baa Baa Black sheep;
I added every lesson
Subtracted every error,
Multiply my marks
Divided myself from others;
Studied and studied hard
Got every degree,
Excelled in everything
Everything I got into.

Tagging with a price tag
I am off to sell myself,
Shock and surprise I am
As long queue awaits for me;
Some rejects for my price
Some for my knowledge,
20 years of education
Evaluated in 20 minutes.

Toiling hard for months
Discounting on my price tag,
I am entitled to work now
Do 8 hours job now;
Sir Newton, Sir Einstein
None of them exist now,
Forgot every scientist
Only their finds I know;
Half the life passed
Half the life will pass,
I am not the only one
This story is of everyone.