RHINOMAN: A Dream Hero

Done with hectic job
Tired and all drained,
Close my eyes now
I start on dreaming.

A bright colorful day
Monsters terrorizing,
People running all over
Screaming and crying;
Then enters a hero
Ya! It's me, Rhinoman,
Run hard and harder
Ready to punch them;
Then a tearing sound
Oops! Stitches tear apart,
I am now all nude
Monsters are laughing;
Laughing with them a baby
He too joining the party.

I smile at the kid
And take off his nappy,
Laughing turns to crying
Joker turns to hero;
As I punch them down
And save all lives,
It's time for recognition
I'm ready for a honor;
This time I'm all dressed
With no margin of error,
Just then a dream breaks
And again it's time for job.