Hey you! Yes you dear
Come behind me,
Slowly and silently
Move behind me;
Oh! It’s very dark
Are you alright?
Don’t be afraid
Just hold my hand;
Ah! What’s that!
Did you hear that?
Don’t be afraid
Just think of me;
I think we reach
Now let me go,
Have patience
And believe me.

Lights and camera
Be ready with selfie,
Ladies and gentleman
Be ready to bash;
Sing the song
Beat the bang,
Let the lady dance
And make her day;
Come and join me
It’s all for you,
Let me celebrate
Celebrate your day;
Please don’t cry
This is the beginning,
It won’t go away
Will stay till last;
No gifts, only hugs
No wish, only pray,
Only thing to say
“A very Happy Birthday”.