Rejuvenated me!

It's a beautiful morning. The rays of sun spreads on fields as if flowing like water. Wherever it touches, it feels color to that as if it's a paint brush. But somewhere in fields lies barren house. The black and dirty wooden house where lies a woman reminiscing the last breaths of her husband. She lives in a house which according to her is a home as she used to live there with him. Nothing is good about the house nor about her health. Her negativeness has turned her into living dead with no feelings.
                                               One day from somewhere a ray of sun peeps in and touches her face. The mirror nearby gives the reflection of her beauty. She touches the spot and feels the gentle warmth of the rays. She feels good and approaches the source of the light. After some efforts she reaches the window and opens it. The sudden brightness makes her blind for sometime but slowly it again fills her with emotions. More the light touches her more she feels her husband. She now kicks open the door and starts running wildly in the field.
                             The cool breeze soothes her pain, makes her soul rejuvenated. The rain comes cleansing and purifying her body. Her heart beats again as the blood flows rapidly. She cries and cries hard and flows with it her all painful memory. She feels light at heart and wants to live again. Live again not with someone else but with his soul. She gains wings of freedom and want to fly away. Away from the bad memory not from the happiest times that she shared with him. She's not alone now, the god is with her. The sun, the air, the birds chirping and natures rhymes; she lives therein now, smiling forever :).