God-made we were
God-made the plane,
Too many lives in queue
Waiting to dive in;
After a boring wait
Came my chance to dive,
Get pushed by the keeper
As I took-off for earth.

Pushed from the same
Reached different place,
Place differing in culture
Differing in tradition;
Some reached America
Some to Australia,
Some to India
Some to Syria.

Got citizenship by birth
Got name by religion,
Few years passed
I got family too;
Happy and secured I feel
Proud and honored I am,
My nation was the best
Others were second to it.

Then few bombings on roof
As I am all petrified,
I run with my family
In search of peace;
There he is
My colleague in plane,
As I ask for shelter
Which he denied soon.

Nothing left for me now
Ready to do anything,
Tried to enter forcefully
Unafraid of even sea;
After much struggle
I get to that side,
When turn my head
Find myself alone.

I curse the god
Curse the plane he send,
But it's all vain
As it was all scripted;
Work again hard
Again I am citizen,
Again my nation is best
Again I am all alone.