With flow of happiness
With lots of emotions,
I'm eager to reach home
See my family smiling;
After many days
After many efforts,
Today I got more bread
Enough to fill our belly.

Then just in the midway
I see a long queue,
People passing by toll
Comprise of four guys;
Slowly at snail's pace
My number comes,
Four different people
Four different moods,
All asking for my bread
In return to luxuries.

One offers society
One offers peace,
One offers safety
One offers facilities;
Left with single bread
I walk towards my home,
Boosting myself up
At least I get some return;
I see my home burning
As I return to my home,
Shout and cry in vain
With none of four rescuing.

This is the plight of the common man. Government, Banks and Corporate officers lure us with their words but when you're in trouble no one turns up. People flee away and eat away your money with government doing nothing as it's busy making new laws to impose more tax.