Out of the womb he comes
All tender, All soft,
Want to take him in hand
But afraid of dropping him;
Then get some strength
And ready to pick him up,
Just then a gush of people
Everyone surrounds him.

I peep from here and there
Just to get his glance,
After many efforts
Get near to him;
Pick him in my arms
A godly touch I feel,
Smile as he sees me
With emotions flowing in.

After few moments
He starts crying,
People starts blaming
As if I am culprit;
They try to take him
As I resist hard,
After persistent force
They take him from me.

Lone and sad I am
I sit afar from child,
Then a way look clear
As people move away;
My wife asks for me
As I move ahead,
Happy again I am
I see him again.