The Earth trembles hard
With that shakes my home,
Run rapidly in my room
To find my family's well-how;
Just then a guy come
Pull me out of the home,
I yell hard to get in
But he said its all over;
After few minutes drama
The play comes to still,
The climax is all silent
With I am on loosing side;
Days and days pass
As I gloom and cry hard,
Then one day decides to leave
Leave this mortal world.

Tying a knot on ceiling fan
I am ready to suicide,
Just then a chirping sounds
Disturbing all my plan;
Climb further up
To see a nest on fan,
Two little birdie chirps
Chirping hard for food.

I search for their parents
Found them dead nearby,
Get in the kitchen fast
And out with some food;
Feed them in their mouth
As I decide to live again,
Every show has an end
For next show to begin.