Life goes on!

On the no man's island
Reside few small beings,
Jumping and leaping
ONE goes for jogging;
On the beach nearby
TWO is sun bathing,
After much planning
ONE plans a meeting;
Liking leads to loving
Stimulates ONE to proposing,
ONE and TWO combines
THREE takes a birth.

Family completes now
All are happy now,
Few years later
THREE is grownup now;
Fells in love with FOUR
SEVEN kids takes birth,
Like this it goes on
Single digit moves to double.

The islanders grows up
The island shrinks now,
Friend is foe now
Family is crowd now;
God sees all this
It's out of control now,
Inserts formatting CD now
Island is all barren now;
Light falls on island
Earth again rejuvenates,
Again ONE meets TWO
And story goes on.