Untold Truth

You wake up early
Prepare my tiffin,
Come to wake up
In full anger;
You try to awake
But in vain,
I lie down lazily
But not asleep;
Then you hug me
And cuddle me,
Just for this mom
I don't wake up.
You cry aloud
Moan anxiously,
Absorb every pain
But don't give up;
Just for my kid
Just for my love,
Behind the doors
I cry hard;
But don't express
My pain dear,
I love you my wife
I may not say.
I come home early
Knock the doors,
You open it
And give a smile;
I take you in arms
And play with you,
It sheds all pain
Soothe all stress;
You get married
Time to leave now,
I hug you tight
As you cry aloud;
You sit in car
I weep a lot daughter,
From that day
I come home late.