Broken attitude

On tall building near to sea,
I stand on rooftop proudly;
See the sea and laugh on it,
Mock on its dwarfism;
Scream aloud in attitude,
Boast of human dominance;
That how we took it in control,
How we made use of it.
Go to sleep after I mocked,
Satisfying my egoistic thirst;
All happy and in all smiles,
I close my eyes in pride;
The building starts to shake,
And falls after a while;
The height on which i laugh,
Is no more after a while.
I run here and there,
Afraid and petrified;
Search my loved ones,
Calling them in vain;
Scream aloud in grief,
Cursing the sea for it;
The waves stands tall,
Now i seem dwarf.