Mom is no more!

The earth trembled
And i ran outside,
Saw people running
Crying and yelling;
Tsunami of blood
Covered the land,
My mother nation
Seemed being raped.

Took my arms
As I'm ready for war,
To penalize heavily
And kick their arse;
Killed those bastards
And made them pay,
Rescued my mom
From their den.

That moment
That very day,
I realized something
Which l never didn't;
The myth was
That I loved her,
The reality was
I really loved her.

I gave her back
To my people,
But seeing her naked
They raped too;
I went for help
But it's all late,
My mother smiled
And breathe her last;
With her last air
Went all air,
The father up there
Punished us all.

Earth is our mother. Stop raping her to satisfy your needs. It's a sin and one day we all have to pay. On this WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY this poem comes as a lesson to be learnt.