Innocent Sin

Lying in the arms of mom
I see her in faint light
Her eyes are closed
As she breathes lightly
I can sense her smell
And her beautiful face
She opens her eyes
And I close mine
She kisses me on cheeks
I behave as if unaware
She calls my name
But I don’t respond
I behaved like this
To avoid going school
After lot of efforts
She got me
She smiles at me
And I giggle coyly.

She takes me to church
And I watch her praying
I mumble the words
And copy her
Light up the candle
I get up for prayer
I see one fly
Sitting on my finger
I shake my hand
But it didn’t fly
I whiffed at it
But candle goes off
My mom sees all this
She looks amazed
She smiles at me
And I giggle coyly.

I walk on footpath
See one black guy
Looks like a cream biscuit
As he’s in white
Some steps forward
I see one white guy
Looks boring
As he’s also in white
I tell this to mom
She seems astonished
But she smiles at me
And I giggle coyly.

Back at home
I take out my specs
I hold it tight
And place in light
After few attempts
I get a focus
I placed it
On my pet’s tail
The pet feels the heat
And runs away
My mom watch this
She looks shocked
Again she smiles at me
And I giggle coyly.

Late at night
I ask her a question
Why did she smile?
When I erred frequently
She hugs me
And holds me tight
Place her lips
Near to me
“The world is mature
Not you are
Your deeds were bad
Not you are
World teaches conscience
You teach innocence
World searches for god
I see god in you”
She says this to me
As I sleep in her arms.