Lifeless love

Got married to him
Yeah that boring guy
Never appreciated me
My charm, My beauty
Wanted him to change
His style, His way
But it never happened
He stayed like that.

Today's our anniversary
Oh it's a silver Jubilee
How the time went off
Never realized
Saw one diary lying by
It was his
While going all pages
I get goosebumps
His every word
Has enormous love.

He writes therein
About his care
The dark nights
When he remain awoke
To guide me to health
When i was in pain
His possessive nature
Which he never showed
His all the tensions
Which he never told
He remained boring
To make me attractive
He remained dull
To make me active.

Now i come to know
About the real fact
That my beauty and all
Was not all mine
It was his efforts
That made me charming
His perspiration
That hide my wrinkles.