Deep there in your tummy
I reside therein you, mummy!
I float, swim and play
In that small playhouse
When you eat, I eat
When you sleep, I sleep
I breathe because of you
I survive because of you
You suffer from anxiety
But never complain
After a lot of suffering
You give birth to me
You yelled too loud
Now you smile
Just for me you mom
You bear tremendous pain
Your eyes are teary
But still you laugh
I feel so relaxed
I feel so safe
In your arms mom
I feel like prince 
You went through a lot
To bring me on earth
In one or other way
I will learn a lot
Every word, Every notion
Every like and emotion
But if i am able to learn
The love and care
Which you have for me
May be a ounce of it
I don't require any prayer
To reach to god.

Thank you mom, :)....