A father to his son
What do he want,
On his birthday
As a special gift;
Son with a smile
Said a human kid,
Dad says ok
And goes to a shop.

He see there
Many humans,
Some old
Some young;
After a thought
He selects one,
He goes for a deal
And finds it costly;
He asks why so
For such a kid,
Shopkeeper replies
It's a newborn;
He's all blank
About this world,
His mom and dad
Will not leave easily;
Father gets the point
And pays the price,
Shopkeeper approaches
To separate the kid;
His family and all
Beg and plead,
The kid himself
Cries too loud;
But after some tussle
He manages to free,
Gives it to him
As he sets off.

Back home his kid
Waits for his gift,
He finds the baby
Cute and sweet;
He plays with him
Like any toy,
He beats him
When he cries;
Back in shop
Baby's mother mourn,
Curses the god
Curses that buyer;
Except this
She's all helpless,
After all she's
A mere human.
We never respected other beings; keep yourself in their place you will know their pain.