That player is best,
Found taking drugs;
This actor is awesome,
In reality he’s a looser;
He is just genius,
He copied from somewhere;
That leader is good,
Found in scams;
Too many options,
Too many quotes;
Everyone preached,
No one implemented;
Read every article,
Followed every priest,
Followed every religion,
But the thirst still persists;
The thirst of search
The search of truth,
The truth that’s genuine
The genuine that motivates.

Then looked at myself
My life, my past,
Remembered every struggle
Thought of every wound;
That life gave me
The people caused me,
Still I survived
Still I kicked problem’s ass;
My life is a real story
Why I should follow other?
I am unique
So is my life,
My life’s awesome
So I am
So I will.