Deep there in my veins
Runs thick dark fluid,
It gives me life
And makes me breathe;
People say it’s red
But it isn’t like that.

It changes itself
When it meets stranger,
To create an illusion
That it’s fake like them;
To make them think
That it’s one of them,
To make them trust
That it’s also wicked.

Contrary to all this
It finds peace therein,
Free to roam all around
Free to do his duty;
Free to do what he want
Free to make new friends.

It feels just like us
When we close our eyes,
And go in deep sleep
After tiresome day;
We work for food
And crawl for light,
But peace is such
That we get in night.

Black may look weird
May seem gruesome,
But if you use it well
It’s all awesome.