Wanna great!

I was fighting with my soul,
To know something of my goal,
I asked, “Although, now I am in the field I dreamt,
Still I am afraid of it,
As I am not sure of better prospects,
Because we are deprived of better equipment.”
My soul stared at me astonishingly,
Asked, “What happened to you suddenly?
Moments ago you were bubbling with confidence,
And now you look in mood of defense,
Thanks god! Mom-Dad are not here,
Otherwise your feelings had caused them severe,
None of the legends were born great,
All of them had struggle for the success they met,
According to me you are among the lucky ones,
As you can easily earn name among the tons,
In this glory race; colleges with fame are favorites,
As their silver will be equivalent to our 24 carats,
Students with chances like these,
Will get jobs that makes you please,
But you are with utmost responsibility,
Earning fame to your college also comes in your duty,
So, stop blaming on your college’s progress,
And start working hard in bringing grace.