There was a guy who used to share everything with his friend. He used to share both, happy and sad moments with him. This is common between any two friends.

The most uncommon thing was that the guy used to discuss the sad moments in same humorous tone as he used to discuss the happy moments.

In most of the cases the friend finds that his friend was ditched by someone and other. If this is not enough, the people who ditched him used to speak bad about him. The guy also knew this.
One day the friend asked the guy about his joyous attitude and that why he behave indifferent and why he urge the other guy to call him selfish before he leaves?

The guy replied: "Dear the problem with me is that I cannot leave my good nature. I love doing it. Well for the people I can't control them. Only thing I can control is my heart but that too give up sometimes as it looses hope when it breaks. In that sense word 'selfish' act as a tonic to rejuvenate my heart for good deed."

Friend was clueless and shocked both.

The guy added, "The world requires few good man. I am one of it. I may sound dumb but due to people like me only the faith and hope survives. I am not the God. I am just the Human. So next time if you hurt or break someone's heart, tell him 'Selfish'."

After this his friend smiled and hugged him. He thanked him for being his friend.