Fake world, Fake promise
Fake love, Fake miss
We all know, We all live
But still we believe
Their words, Their mistake
Their every lie.

Screwed all over
Low on self esteem
We stitch their pains
With broken heart
We make them smile
With watery eyes.

We make colourful
Their colourless world
And sketch ourselves
Black and white
We live for them
To live them for others.

Love seems beautiful
Yes it is
But when it's true
When it's new
After we fall
The heart leaves us
It's then theirs
To play or slay.

It's not the heart break
That's hurts
It's the dreams
That breaks
The dreams which we made
For them, for us.

Love cautiously!
If loved then don't dream
If dreamt then don't feel
If felt then go for it.