My love!

A girl was getting ready for her date just when she noticed a pimple on her face. She shocked but she couldn't do anything about it as she was already getting late.
She met her boyfriend at their decided place. She had covered her face with scarf. The boy asked about it but she was constantly hiding. She asked him to take her to beauty parlor.
Boy kicked his motorcycle and went with her. On the way many times the girls face was uncovered as the wind was blowing her scarf. Boy knew what's the matter.
Reaching the parlor the girl ran into it. After make up she came out smiling with face uncovered.
She asked him how she looked like.
Boy told her good but that she looked more beautiful with pimple.
The girl feels embarrassed and tears came in her eyes.
Boy immediately hugged her and kissed her forehead. He whispered close to her ears that he sees her wife in her therefore her mirror beauty don't mean much to him as she's and she always will be most beautiful in the world for him.
Girl hugged her more tightly and said, "My love, I love you".