Opposition was unknown
So their tactics,
They seemed ruthless
While striking our post;
We had no answers
To their attack,
Too much aggression
Too much chaos;
They left us bruised
They left us helpless,
First half was over
It's done and dusted.

We all gather now
To find solution,
Whether to fight
Or we shall retreat;
Opposition sees us
With a wicked smile,
Just then anger growled
Our fists closed;
We feel rejuvenated
We feel hungry,
No more defence
Only license to kill;
First half has past
Next half is ours,
Let's unite guys
Time for some goal-fest.

We will win
For ourselves,
For our fans,
For that little boy
Who trusts us,
For those who
Believe in us,
Get ready boys
Time for kick-ass!

These verses are dedicated to people who died in #parisattacks. May they Rest In Peace. This is for those idiots who think peace is their mistress. Match is On!