On wings of freedom
I fly and soar high,
In deep blue sky
I swim across clouds,
The moist of air
Keeps me fresh,
The pure air
Keeps me pious,
The passing wind
Produces music,
It feels so calm
It feels so awesome.

As i pass through
The nearby town,
I see someone
Who seems different,
He weeps aloud
I don't know why?
I feel pity
And perform a play,
He smiles a bit
I feel so good,
He gives me food
It tastes better,
From that instance
I meet him daily,
We play together
We laugh together.

One day he brings
A beautiful thing,
He asks me
To get inside,
He close the door
I feel surprised,
I ask him to open
As I feel it's joke,
He denies rudely
Push me further,
I see a terror
I feel afraid,
He sells me
And left me lone,
I cry out loud
But all ears deaf,
I curse myself
I feel so low,
In this torrid world
I lost my wings.