Worst enemy of ours is time,
Although it has done no crime,
Why we are walking with this burden?
How we reach one’s position early?
If we gear up our vehicle firmly,
Is it (time) stable; i.e. just we are moving,
How can we see any star’s past?
If we are running of our life fast,
Time makes some reaction to occur quickly,
While some to consume it thickly,
Do we live blindly?
Just begging from god kindly,
That he adore us with wealth,
Though aware of certain death,
Is time playing any game with us?
What has been told in Shakespeare’s chapter?
That this world is a stage,
And we are all just character.

It is an illusion; just created by man,
As he was the only; who was blessed with social pains,
Whatever it may be,
But everyone knows clearly,
That time has made us,
What we call Brahma, Allah or Jesus!