She loves me, she loves me not,
my kiss revolves around this thought;
As I am standing beside her,
to see the innocent sleep of her.

Her hair disturbs her pleasant sleep,
similar to my disturbance somewhere deep;
Her sheer innocence lures me to touch,
but my love knowledge isn’t enough;
I wonder how brave others are,
that they excel in this lovely war;
War in which the “commander”, the heart,
wants the feelings to fall apart;
My palm starts trembling,
with that my voice vibrating;
I hold her palm in my palm,
with the aura becoming too calm.

Her palms are smoothing as silk as I kiss,
don’t want single moment to miss;
Then the waves of conscience arise,
it haunts me, it hurts me in disguise;
Decides to run away from this,
but then I stopped by blowing breeze.

Looked back to see her shivering,
as I pull the blanket for covering;
I saw her face in that moonlit,
my heart says please stay a bit;
I close my eyes and move forward,
without giving damn to the outer world;
I place my lips on her lips,
want to feel more before it slips;
The world don’t exist, now it seems,
only me and angel of my dreams;
Gradually pull-off from that moment,
as the emotions stay still dormant;
I call her name and she whisper,
voice trembles as I say I love her;
That moment may be moral or immoral,
but I know that this will stay immortal;
I don’t know what the true love is,
for me it’s nothing but this sublime kiss.