A Tribute to India’s Iron Man: SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL

Born in Nadiad in 1875,
Brought up by Jhaverbhai and Laadbaai,
Bright student in school days,
Become barrister with god’s grace,
Started law practice in Godhara,
And continued in Ahmedabad’s aura,
Urging by friends lead me to election,
Winning which I became the commissioner of sanitation,
Successfully I led Kheda’s revolt of peasants,
And in Bardoli I denied farmers to pay cents,
Gave up costumes that make me look worthy,
And get accustomed to wearing khadi,
Went jail in charge of civil disobedience,
In Quit India Movement and in Round Table Conference,
After discharge, I carried out struggle,
United princely states with frugal,
Became India’s first Home Minister,
And also get elected as first Deputy Prime Minister,
People adorned me as Man of Steel,
For which I thank them on kneel,
Do you remember me?
Do I reside in heart thee?
You will find me immortal,
If you always be my honest disciple.