Be my valentine

Bought a lovely rose
For a pretty girl,
Bent on my knees
Asked for her hand;
She's astonished
So i was at myself,
That how did I did?
How did I proposed?
She didn't say yes
But also not denied,
I carried on my efforts
Gifted her a chocolate;
But again the confusion
And she didn't speak,
It kept me in dilemma
She loves me or not;
Borrowed some money
Now bought a teddy,
She took it too
Still didn't reply;
Next day with no gift
I went close to her,
Promised to keep her happy
Till my beats betray me;
She immediately hugged
And took out my chocolate,
Place it in between lips
As i went further close;
I hold her tight
And kiss her light,
From that onwards
She's my valentine.